Black Family Day | Sr Rec – Wow!

Dear Mother Members,

Wow – does not even come close to the warmth we all felt yesterday at Jack and Jill Day | Sr. Recognition. If you missed this event, you missed a treat!

As I said, I am terrible at saying good-bye. However, this is the absolute way to do it!

Lia and her committee (including the Jack on tech & photo’s) are to be commended for sending off our Senior and Grad Mothers in STYLE. The event was far more FAB than imaginable. The extra special touches were SUPERB!!!!

From the Group Promotions to Crafts for the little kids….and Lord those letters from the Mothers..what a delight. I get weepy even thinking about it…but I think our grad say it best ….

“absolutely lovely, we could not have asked for a better send off…beautiful and wonderful event!!” EmojiEmoji “This has been one of the best BFD/SR that I have attended”

Thanks to all who joined us. Looking forward to seeing you at Installation Sat, May 11 (8.30a) and June Planning, Sat June 1 (8.30a-1p). Let’s keep the Goodness going!!!


Kathy Dosssett,
President, Pasadena Chapter