G5 Shelby Mumford 5th in Nation in National French Contest

The Archer School for Girls Shelby Mumford, left, and Seaf Hartley, right, join their classmates in preparing for an art gallery show as part of their Art Gallery Management and Design class at the Archer School for Girls. “We don’t all necessarily want to be curators when we grow up,” said Hartley, whose title is gallery director. “But if we become entrepreneurs or COOs of companies, we would use the same skill set of communicating and collaborating.” (Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times)

Congrats to Group 5 9th grader, Shelby Mumford as she places # 5 in Nation for her category in National French Contest!  – (Le Grand Concours Exam conducted by American Association of French Teachers.)

Shelby was also featured in Los Angeles Times for her participation in Art Gallery Management and Design Class. (Click the above photo to read the full article!)