Group V Retreat Zips Aims S’Mores

The retreat was a huge success. We feel our objectives for the retreat was met. We must thank the parents that helped to make the trip a success: Beverly, Joyce, Didi, Deadra, Alycia, Norma, Bruce, and Michael.

We were able to present 5 modules this weekend. After Group Leaders Beverly, Didi, and Deadra set the tone by outlining rules and expectations, we started out with Joyce presenting a financial module on credit and a leadership module on character. Later Alycia presented leadership modules on communication, and vision. Alycia and Michael paired up to present the risk taking module. All modules were well received. The teens were engaged and were able to win some money for correct answers.

The weekend was full of activities. We tried our hand at archery, with Alycia and Anneleise being sharp shooters. Ziplining was an experience. Beverly even faced her fear of heights. She shares, “I actually thought I was going to DIE! I can laugh about it now, but I was NOT a happy camper up there. I will let your teens tell you the story about that.” Everyone really enjoyed ziplining. We made s’mores and were impressed with Joyce’s mastery of making a fire. The boys played basketball with Benji perfecting his skateboarding skills. The girls took advantage of some great scenery to get in a photo shoot. There were late night bonding sessions for both the girls and boys.

Norma shared information about the Legislative Summit. We are looking forward to learning about the Legislative process, networking, participating in the Trayvon Martin panel discussion. Thanks to Norma for coordinating this together.

We discussed the mentoring program that will be rolled out to Group V. The idea behind the mentor program is to allow the upper classmen to gain additional leadership skills and to help the new teens to make a smooth transition into Group V. This will also help to hold the teens accountable to each other for participation. Thanks to Kelly for providing our mentor expectations and guidelines. We shared the pairings of mentors and mentees with the teens. I will email the teens with this information, along with the expectations for mentoring. This is also a good resume builder. Please encourage your teen to make the effort to participate in this.

Thanks for entrusting your teens to our care. We look forward to a wonderful year!!!

Your Group V Leaders,
Beverly, Didi, Deadra, Lynda

P.S. They had so much fun together, they would like to do a midnight movie! Details to come!